In 1965 Ivan McDaniel contacted the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) requesting to become a local chapter of the EAA.  The request was approved and the Kokomo Chapter became Chapter number 235.  Today the Chapter's home base is Glenndale (8I3).  

Every third Thursday of the month Chapter 235 meets at 7:00 pm at the Glenndale airport (8I3). 8I3 is a 2,000 ft grass airstrip located just 5 miles SW of Kokomo, IN.  Nestled in the Indiana farmland, Glenndale is a perfect example of grass roots aviation.  Home to a J-3 Cub, a Champ and several small Cessna's and other homebuilts, Glenndale is a great place to stop, stretch your legs or enjoy a picnic in the relaxing airport country side.

But not only is the airport a great example of grass roots, but the people of 235 as well.  A mixed range of aviation enthusiast's and ages you will be sure to find some interesting stories!   235 is also a great way to spend time with your family, as through out the year we get together for local aviation events like Glenndale Days (BBQ Bash) that helps raise money for the SMA, while sharing our love for aviation with others.  So come join our family at any of our meetings, events or fly-ins and see what we are all about for yourself.

If you have questions please let us know!  Hope to see you soon!
President ~ AE Purciful
Vice President ~ Steve Stants
Secretary ~ Justin Pallas
Treasure ~ Dale Ethrington
Flight Advisor ~ Ty Lingo
Tech Advisor ~ Nathan Davis
Young Eagles ~ Jerry Long
Newsletter Editor ~ Justin Pallas
Website Editor ~ Justin Pallas